I am a blog about The Norwich. I try to strike a balance between interesting pieces and utter nonsense. I wish I had some sort of special insight, a contact at the club, or something. But I don’t. These are just ramblings produced by a bored fan with a keyboard, who knows more about football than you.

This blog is completely collaborative. If you want to write for Holtamania, just email me at holtamaniablog@gmail.com. It can be about whatever The Norwich related topic you want. If you want to help with some of our running features, great, if you want to do something completely individual, great. Just get in touch.

I try to make sure that Holtamania has stuff that you won’t find elsewhere. So regular transfer speculation, match reports and the like, you won’t find it here very often. Only if it has substance or a unique slant. I want Holtamania to offer something different. Whether its tactical explanations, stories about games gone past, player reviews, your first game, what Norwich means to you… if it’s different, it’s welcome.


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