Like a particularly messy breakup, speculation about Fraser just won’t end. Even when there’s nothing to back it up, just a few blog posts and the odd article without byline. It is the laziest of the lazy stories – a player who was brilliant for us is obviously looking for first team football, so hey, lets link him to Norwich!

I can’t see it happening. And what’s more, I don’t think the constant longing is helpful. It’s time for a lot (not all suffer from it) of Norwich fans to burn their old love letters, get rid of his picture and just… move on. Fraser came and was magnificent for us, a truly superb keeper.

But he was never ours. We always knew that. He always belonged to someone else and as much as it hurt, we watched him leave. And we got our own keeper in and while some of us were happy because he’s ours to keep, so many of us just compare him to the old boyfriend. I mean goalkeeper.

I mean, it’s shown to play on poor Ruddy’s mind in the past, so why dwell? The keeper who got us out of the Championship has earned his chance to play for us at the highest level and it’ll only be once he plays himself out of the number 1 shirt that Lambert goes looking for another sure starter. Because that’s the problem with FF speculation – he’s going to want to start, and deservedly so. He wont join us to sit on the bench and Lambert isn’t going to bench Ruddy after bringing him in, sticking with him and seeing some brilliant performances.

I know, I know there are some out there who will struggle to move on. It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. It’s hard breaking up with someone and watching them go on to find someone so perfect, but it’s all part of growing up. It’ll come with time, but for now, it’s best if you just stop thinking about him and remember we’ve got someone new now.

But if you want one more trip down memory lane, one more little moment of Fraser inspired longing, just press play on the video below and look through some pictures of the big man.