In a story that is both very funny and not that surprising, Mark Fotheringham has been banned from training at Anorthosis Famagusta, the Cypriot side he joined so he could play in the Champions League. The Daily Record reports…

Fotheringham, who joined Famagusta last January after a short stint at Dundee United, arrived for pre-season training earlier this week only to find himself frozen out by Stoilov.

The 27-year-old, who still has a year still left on his contract, has been told he has no future at the club and he is now desperately trying to seal a move back the UK with Coventry and Bristol City believed to be interested.

Fotheringham said: “I turned up for training as normal along with club captain Giannis Skopelitis and we were immediately told we were both banned from the training ground.

“My agent is now working hard to sort things out because there is concrete interest from elsewhere.”

Given the ridiculously high opinion ‘Fozzy’ has of himself, it’s hard to believe that concrete interest isn’t from Barcelona or Real Madrid.

It’s hard to imagine what Fotheringham could’ve done to upset the club. Maybe he had the captains armband and threw it to the floor, or stormed down the tunnel after being subbed. Maybe he said he was lowering his game to help the team. Maybe he just happened to alienate so many fans and teammates that keeping him away from the training ground was the only option. One thing is for sure – ‘Fozzy’ is a cancer of a player who hurts every dressing room he’s part of. God help any team that signs him.