So this is me.

It was Monday 31st August, 1992, and I was 7 years old.

I don’t think I’d really noticed football before this. Wrestling was more on my radar, but it wouldn’t take long for my childhood hero to go from a man in pink spandex to a man in a yellow shirt. I don’t know how my parents did it to me, but they must have been dropping hints all day. My dad was ‘going somewhere’ in the evening and I was desperate to go, more than usual. I don’t remember why.

So I was sent on a hunt. They said I needed certain stuff. I needed to be green and yellow, I needed to show my colours. I ran around the living room, opening cupboards and looking under stuff until I finally found them. A green and yellow hat and scarf.

And so I was ready. After I was dragged away from a video of Summerslam from two days earlier, we made our way to Carrow Road and I was instantly hooked. The game was vs Nottingham Forest, and the only video I can find of it is at the bottom, but it just covers some pre-game stuff from Gray and Keys.

What I know is that Crook scored a lovely freekick and Norwich ran out 3-1 winners, a sign of the glorious season we were about to have.

What I remember is sitting in the front row of the family enclosure, then the corner infill between the River End and South Stand. My dad spent most of the game talking to a steward, and I spent most of the game asking, ‘have we scored yet?’.

But I was hooked. I remember the atmosphere, the special atmosphere of a night game and the newness of the Premier League. I remember the singing and the fun, and seeing everyone go crazy when we scored. I remember not wanting it to end.

This was the result on my next birthday.

God I was cool. Ever noticed how kits have to wear a full kit, complete with socks pulled all the way up? Anyway, I was done for. I only saw one other game that season, but by the start of 93/94 I had a season ticket. And now, hundreds of games later, I write, and tweet, and jump around like a loon, and sing, and listen to youtube videos of Neil Adams screaming ‘itsgonnagoin’. All because of one night in August.