Some of you are going to wake up and see a bunch of random tweets tagged with #yellowarmy and not know what the toss is going on. But fear not, for an explanation is at hand!

It all came about rather suddenly, on twitter, last night. After a bit of discussion, the idea was put forward by Aitch, the brains behind the brilliant Sing Up The River End blog, all about Norwich City history. Go there after reading this, I order you all.

The idea is simple. Let’s have a day, like #followfriday, but for Norwich fans. We’ve got a massive following on Twitter, so lets get following each other, instead of just the usual suspects – the official site, some players, a few blogs etc. Let’s all get following each other, and have a real #yellowarmy. Let’s get more Norwich conversation, more sharing, more fun out of the club.

Because that’s what Twitter is when it’s at its best. Connecting us to people in one massive, open, free to use conversation. So every Tuesday, let’s get together in the #yellowarmy. Suggest other Norwich fans for people to follow, get following yourself, and kick it off…