Natural actors.

You might think that’s a misleading headline, and it is. Now we all know that Norwich are doing quite well at expanding their commercial revenue, mainly from catering, but with the hugely successful kit launch video last week, as well as a massively expanded TV audience, the opportunity is surely there for a number of Norwich related TV shows. I’ve put my mind to it (and I used a friends mind) for all of 10 minutes, and we’ve already lined up a number of TV pilots that the club are free to use. Just credit Holtamania and make sure you give us a cut of the royalty payments.

Surman to the Masses – Andrew Surman joins former Norwich midfielder Phil Mulryne as he prepares to become a Roman Catholic priest.

Judge Drury – A courtroom based drama starring our reliable left back.

Lambert and Butler – A feature length documentary presented by Paul Lambert that looks into the life and legacy of one of Norwich’s greatest ever players, Barry Butler.

Education Grant – Grant Holt looks into the state of education funding in the wake of Tory cuts.

Simeon’s Mobile Disco – A sitcom following Simeon Jackson’s summer as a mobile disco DJ.

Hardcore Vaughan – James Vaughan tries his hand at some of the worlds most daring stunts and dares.

That’s Morison’s Price – Steve takes a look at the rising cost of food and offers some handy tips for keeping the weekly shop down.

Ruddy Hell! – A comedy/drama about a goalkeepers attempts to control his tourettes.

Foxtrot – David Fox takes us on many of his favourite nature walks across the UK.

Are there any other gems out there?