In the middle of 3 line articles and regurgitated transfer gossip, The Spoiler (most influential sports blog of the decade) has put a picture of Kim Kardashian and given it the caption, “a totally relevant picture.” How daring and outside the box! What they’ve done is put a picture of an attractive woman in place of a picture of a footballer, because all football fans are men! And they’re men! How creative, and this is the sort of thing that’ll hook people isn’t it? Tits?

Well if tits on the page don’t hook people in, the tits writing the page are certainly trying. The launch of the new kit yesterday was accompanied by possibly the stupidest piece of writing I have ever seen (and I’ve written a lot of stupid stuff). Take it away Richard Anderson:

Those bloody Italians, ay? You hate them, don’t you? But you can’t quite work out why you loathe them so much – is that right?

Thankfully – in a promo for their new kit – Norwich City have shown us the reason we all hate Italians so much is because they’re always diving and drinking espressos and looking in the mirror and riding scooters and stuff.

Nice one, Norwich! Up yours, Italy!

Yeah. The Norwich video is about as xenophobic as the Spoilers page was sexist, but hey, if they can hit whore and write nonsense just to get page views, I can too, can’t I?