Alright folks. The time for Player Reviews has now finished with todays delightful piece on Dani Pacheco, but there is still lots of the summer yet to go. So, lots of nonsense speculation and agonising waits for friendlies etc. To keep Holtamania ticking over, I’ve got a couple of new series to get going, and just like the Player Reviews, I want as many of you lot to contribute as possible.

First of all, I want to talk about Your First Match. Inspired by this (you have to watch, it’s simply superb) I want to talk about your first Norwich match. Or even your first match, if it wasn’t Norwich. But if it meant something to you, if it got you hooked on Norwich or football, lets talk about it.

Secondly, I want to do a series on the best foreigners to play for Norwich. Or, even if they aren’t the best, your favourites, and why. What makes them tick? Why does their time in yellow mean a lot to you, or a lot to Norwich? How did they influence the team or capture your imagination? By foreign, I’m talking anyone not English. So if you really want, you can do Mark Fotheringham, but I don’t think many will.

If you’re interested in doing pieces for either of these, just email me on and we’ll get going. First come first served on the foreign player bit (Safri and Dennis van Wijk already shotgunned).

With love

Holtamania x