Henrik Mortensen, Steen Nedergaard, David Nielsen and Thomas Helveg. The Little Mermaid,, Legoland, Bacon, pop group Aqua, TheLaudrup brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. All things Danish not forgetting Pastries and those weird spiral type biscuits you only ever eat at Christmas, how could I forget, I didn’t to be fair but many forgot about these Danish things and also Jens Berthel Askou.

Before I talk about our Great Dane centre half, a confession, I didn´t even see Askou play for us in the Championship, I did however see him a few times at League one level. Jens appeared to be goal scoring machine in his first couple of games for the club with goals away at Exeter and then the first game under Lambert´s reign at home to Wycombe. Some solid performances followed and amongst some of the City faithful he gained a bit of a cult following.

Injury struck the lad from the town of Videbæk, a town known in Denmark for Per Arnoldi‘s large corten steel sculpture in the shape of a V, incredibly known as “The V”, which is found at a roundabout at the entrance to the town.Lambert worked his first miracle when Jens got injured and managed to get Gary Doherty playing quite well and from then on it was all downhill for him and we didn´t even see much of Jens in League One so his chances were always going to be limited at a higher level especially after signing quality defenders such as Ward, Barnett and Whitbread.

Onto the championship season and the whole point of this player review. He appeared twice in the starting line-up this season, the surprise 2-1 defeat against Palace in which he was possibly guilty of some shoddy marking and then the 4-2 win at home to Sheffield United when we were having a bit of a defensive crisis with injuries and suspensions. He stepped in and in Lambert speak ‘gave the lads a hand’. He also was occasionally used by Lambert to run down the clock and would sheepishly enter the field of play in injury time when we needed to protect a lead. Given that we only tended to bother winning games in the 99th minute, this meant these kinds of appearances were kept to minimum.

In January, Lambert and Jens pulled off a masterstroke. Norwich were part of a few teams in and around the play-offs and the manager wanted to take the heat off his players. He decided to loan Agent Askou to promotion rival Millwall with spectacular results. Agent Askou played his part in Millwall conceding 4 goals in 70 minutes away at Leicester before departing the field a few minutes later after a two-footed lunge and he never played for them again and left Millwall with even more defensive worries and a little lighter in the pocket.

Jens will move back to Denmark in all probability and Norwich fans will wish him well I’m sure. I just hope he doesn’t go completely mental like David Nielsen did. Poor Dave couldn’t cope with leaving Norwich and started to beat up his teammates for being pretentious and talking Italian. He is a capable defender at League one level so he could probably cut it in the lower half of the Danish Superliga. Who knows we might even cross paths again in a glorious European run or more likely on a pre-season tour of Denmark.

by Adam Brandon @caniggiascores