Steven Smith was a bit rubbish.

I don’t really want to beat around the bush, so I won’t. He’s probably the only failure that Lambert has had, and by all accounts it wasn’t an ability thing; it was ‘other stuff’, as he so delicately put it.

Smith joined us from Rangers last summer, giving valuable cover at left back, and came into the team for a few games early on in the season when Drury was injured. Rather than proving his own ability, he proved exactly how invaluable Drury was. Smith was ok at the back but really poor going forward, exactly the wrong sort of fullback for our favoured diamond system where the emphasis is on a dual role. So much was Drury missed at this point that we stopped playing the diamond for a few games altogether.

Smith then went on to pick up an injury of his own and Lappin came in to cover, and that was pretty much the end of Smith’s Norwich career. Complaining of homesickness, he moved back to Scotland and joined Aberdeen on loan, and the deal looks likely to be made permanent.

Ultimately what Smith proved was that for all the scouting and planning that goes into a players transfer, sometimes it’s a bit of a gamble. Some players just click while others play like jokers, and unfortunately Smith was more of the latter. For a player who came to the club with high hopes, it is a shame that things turned out the way they did. After all, I hear he’d have enjoyed a trip to Vegas.