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It’s easy to say this in the good times, but I love Delia. She has been a saint to this club, dipping into her own pockets time and time again to keep it going, pay wages, buy transfers, and more. We’ve got catering income way above the average because of her. We’ve got fans running the club. This isn’t to say things have always been rosy. Terrible decisions in appointing managers contributed to our slide out of the Championship, but lets not pretend there’s a magic formula. We aren’t the only club to have appointed consecutively shite gaffers and we wont be the last.

But she’s Norwich. She helped dig us out of the rut. She brought in McNally, and she’s accepted the complete sea change in attitude. From Little Norwich who are happy to be invited to the party, to bastard Norwich who will fuck your shit up. Ambition is back, hunger is back, and unshrinking belief that we deserve to be at the top table.

Which makes the comments from Fernandes pretty galling. The self proclaimed West Ham fan, who considered and rejected the chance to invest in the club when at our lowest ebb, is apparently considering it again. “We talked, we talked definitely and there was a whole emotional appeal of everything Norfolk and green and yellow, and it made sense,” said Fernandes, failing to clarify why, if it made sense, he bottled out. “And there’s no reason why we can’t work together in the future and do things together.”

Nice to say that now his own team has been relegated.

“It’s fun – I tried to buy West Ham and failed, and it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Said like a true fan.

The fact is, despite the ups and downs, despite the ‘lets be havin’ you’s and Neil Doncasters, I want someone in charge of the club who genuinely puts us first. Who doesn’t asset strip, who doesn’t see us as an investment, who doesn’t load us with debt. Millionaires with big bucks come and go, much like Cullum, but they never prove to have the commitment. And, despite what some truly desperate people wanted a year or two ago, there has never been a more preferable option. Not Cullum, not the Porno Dwarves who have truly fucked West Ham up, not Fernandes.

All you have to do is cast your eye to other takeovers to see the dangers that lie ahead. The farce at Notts County, the ongoing circus at QPR, the jokers at Blackburn, and so on. The devil you know may be one you tire of dancing with, but it’s one you know.

Delia is no miracle worker but she is Norwich. Tony Fernandes is a vulture. He saw Norwich as second best when he failed to take over West Ham a couple of years ago, and now we’re on the up with massively increased revenue, suddenly he talks again. Suddenly things can work again in future. Suddenly he remembers he’s green and yellow.

It’s easy to say in the good times, but I said it in the bad times too. The grass isn’t always greener. It’s worth remembering that no matter what path the club takes, and remembering that it’s better to have someone at the top who is one of us than one of them. I don’t want someone who comes sniffing when we’re on the up. I want someone who, as the club said, stuck with us when we were on the floor. That’s what we did as fans. That’s what Delia did. That’s what Fernandes never did.