So it begins.

The club that won the World Cup want Paul Lambert to save them. That Paul Lambert is wanted comes as no surprise, and that this suggestion has generally been downplayed, ignored or scorned by the media is also no surprise. The fact that many Hammers think it could actually happen is one.

One day, Norwich fans are going to wake up to the realisation the Paul Lambert is not manager. One day, a club will come in for him and he will leave. Hopefully, that day is after he has established us in the top flight. But that day is not coming quite yet. And he’s certainly not going to West Ham.

The shambles of East London are in freefall. With horrendous debts, a triumvirate of incompetent, poisonous clowns at the steering wheel, a squad full of egos and fans who can’t stop fights with their own players, they don’t have a lot going for them at the moment. I think they all need a hug.

But no matter their long lost, big club mentality, many think Lambert would actually drop divisions. While many could do with a wake up call and realising this is no longer the 60s, it’s worth noting West Ham were a Championship club just a few years ago. I seem to remember Glenn Roeder had something to do with that. Too big to go down? When you run a club the way the Porn Barons have, it’s no surprise they’re down.

And this is the crux of the matter. Why would Lambert drop divisions, going to the Championship that he has just clawed his way out of, to work for a group of people who sign their own players and brief against the manager? Why would he swap a club where he is worshipped for a club with a poisonous atmosphere? He said time and time again during our promotion climb, you never know if this is going to happen again. When some said, are we going up too quickly, he shook his head. You strike while the iron is hot.

There is no guarantee that West Ham will be near promotion next year. They should be, but with that lot in charge, anything could happen. The Guardian story says he would be installed with a view to working under a Director of Football. Can you imagine him working with anyone but Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa? Do you think he’d take players signed above his head that he hasn’t asked for?

West Ham are in freefall and need someone to stop the rot. The shambles started long before Grant, long before the Barons took over, and will continue if they don’t get a good manager to get them back to the top. ‘Big Club’ or not, they aren’t getting a Premiership manager to drop divisions. It won’t be Lambert.

But lets face it – this is just the start of a summer linking our most valuable asset away from the club.