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Check out that dynamite smile.

We don’t know much about Tom Adeyemi’s loan. Unlike Cody, who is talked to death on Canary Call and extensively on message boards, Adeyemi’s loan has flown under the radar. A big move for a teenager with high hopes on his shoulders, he’s spent the whole year at Bradford City. To give us a handle on how things have gone, Michael Wood of the excellent Boys From Brazil blog:

How do you feel Tom has performed this season?

Tom has been a poster boy for inconsistency this season.  Able to show a strength and prowess in the middle of the midfield one game and then the next looking oddly like a wide man shoved in the middle like his team mates he has struggled put build one performance onto another. He was signed to fit in a 433 which stopped around the same time Peter Taylor exited and he never settled into the 442 which Peter Jackson brought in.

All that said he never let anyone down with his performances and always seemed to be giving what he could.  A good passer, when he got the time, and good at breaking from the midfield he certainly showed a maturity and commitment which most of the other loan players lacked.

What has been his finest moment for Bradford?

A fine strike in injury time at home to Rotherham which left Tom’s boot at a speed, cannoned off the bar, down and came out leaving a line’s man convinced it had gone in, Peter Jackson celebrating a goal and Ronnie Moore seething.  In retrospect that was probably the highlight of our season.

What areas of his game do you think he needs to work on?

It would be trite to say consistency – being poor every week is consist – and really he needs to make sure that he is involved in games more when in central midfield.  He needs to make more of a nuisance of himself when the opposition have the ball in midfield and be stronger in the tackle.  At the moment – although this is not unlike many young players – he is a little too “attacking midfielder”

Has Bradford’s tough campaign and managerial unrest had any impact on his play? Did he play better under Taylor than after, or has he grown since?

It would be hard to say that he was better or worse over either manager so variable was his form from week to week but importantly he gave both his all and that was pleasing to see.  Taylor seemed to pick him more because of the 433 he employed.

Given his age, what level do you think Tom can reach and where do you see him going from here?

He seems smart enough to realise that he is only as good as he plays and as a result puts a lot into his play.  He needs strength but a season of League Two football has probably prepared him for a close season in the gym and he needs to go deeper when the opposition have the ball but he can learn all those things.

Would you consider his loan a success and would you take him back again?

As much as anything can be considered a success in this season then yes it was.  Certainly he was a million miles better than Reece Brown or Oliver Gill from Manchester United who we “enjoyed” this year on loan.  I’m not sure what benefit another season in League Two would do him, but none of us want to be in League Two.

Anything else?
He scored the first goal for City this season after about a half hour at Shrewsbury.  That goal was equalised and we lost the game 3-1 but – for those minutes between our goal and theirs – Tom gave us our only positive goal difference of the season.

A bit mixed then, but there appears to be some upside clearly there. He has treated his loan and Bradford with respect and worked hard, giving him the sort of attitude you know Lambert would love. It sounds like he needs strengthening, a comment levelled at him when he first broke into the team, but as is the case with teenagers, it comes in spurts.

Ability wise, he sounds the opposite to Korey, who has a breakdown when he gets into the final third but is excellent at the harrying, ball winning and donkey work. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both go on loan again next year, Korey to the Championship and Tom perhaps League One, to work on their game and build on some promising starts.