Rohan Ricketts has caused me to have a slight twitter meltdown today, and it was only made worse by Norwich fans shilling for a retweet. Let me explain.

Ricketts is a nomadic, shite, self promoting ‘footballer’ currently plying his trade in the lower German leagues, following stints in Moldova, Toronto and a failed trial at Posh. He was in the youth ranks at Arsenal before playing a few games for Spurs, so far the height of his career. If you were to take a look at Rickett’s Greatest XI teammates, it’s a star studded who’s who of world football, linked to Rohan in the most tenuous of ways. It even includes Zinedine Zidane on the basis of an exhibition match when he was at Toronto FC. So it comes as no surprise that Rohan’s self image is slightly different to his actual ability. Spending his days on twitter plugging his columns for Sabotage Times, his appearances on ESPN, his ‘rollin with Ricketts’ radio show and referring to himself as ‘a brand’, you might wonder why one of footballs elite had fallen so far down the pyramid. It might have something to do with his striking lack of talent.

You know who else was a brand?

So it frustrates me to see Norwich, on the back of a stunning promotion to the Premier League, linked with Rohan in both the Sun and the Mail. What’s particularly entertaining about those pieces is that neither of them have a byline, the Mail one only consists of one sentence, and the Sun one contains one quote which was lifted from twitter. But that is all by the by. Norwich are going to be linked to any number of players in the Summer. Some will be far too good for us. Some will be far too poor. Rohan falls into the latter category. Whether Rohan gets his trial remains to be seen, though it does appear that Glenn Hoddle has been sounding out moves for him. The depressing sight of seeing Norwich fans kiss his ass in the hope of a retweet had me frothing on twitter all afternoon (to say nothing of fans of other clubs).

The ultimate reason is this; he is not a winner. Crofts said of Lambert, “He’s an out and out winner, that rubs off on everyone and it’s been a pleasure playing for him.” That feeling is throughout the squad. It is everywhere. It is why he would only sign players who signed up to his way of thinking. It is why Lambert says medals are the reason you get involved in football. There is no substitute. It’s Russell Martin and Crofts saying they’d run through walls for him. It’s loan signings dancing and singing for a team they don’t officially belong to. It’s Ruddy and Tierney singing On the Ball City and knowing the words. They’ve bought into the club, and they’re doing it for each other.

A man who cares more about his media profile than his club or his career is not the way forward. A player who gets into an online discussion with the England capped, Champions League and Premier League winning Rio Ferdinand about the merits of losing with grace over winning medals is not the way forward. Rio said he wouldn’t want that attitude in his dressing room, and I agree. I hope not to see that attitude in Fortress Carrow Road.

He’s also a shit footballer who isn’t fit to lace David Fox’s boots.